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Jenny Van Alstyne grew up in a small Texas town, but she always felt a bit out of place. She could identify with Edward Scissorhands, and felt the  daily gnawing tension that outsiders know so well. It was a given that the lackluster town would never embrace change.

Much like Edward Scissorhands was taken in by a kind-hearted Avon lady, Jenny was raised by the love of her grandmother, Mimi, a sweet-hearted Avon President’s Club saleswoman. Jenny’s grandmother possessed a quiet strength, a wisdom that can only be wrought from the brow of life’s experiences, a gentle spirit, all bound by the thread of an underlying, unconditional love. The spirit of her grandmother became infused in Jenny’s music, singer/ songwriter soulful folk-pop with a touch of gospel.

Her grandmother has always been a steadfast influence on Jenny’s life and music. Recently, Jenny has penned songs that are a reaction to her grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Having cared for her grandmother during the course of this mind-robbing disease, Jenny witnessed her grandmother’s brave defiance, and the love that still existed, even when the disease had stripped much else away. Jenny wanted to capture a haunting, but ethereal beauty in her song “Ceiling Becomes the Floor”, and chronicles the search for a solid ground in a landscape that was forever changing as memories receded in “Let Love Carry Us". Jenny’s musical influences include Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell, Patti Griffin and Adele.

Jenny studied at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and has performed in small venues in Austin, Houston, New York and San Francisco. Jenny's music is part of the current line up at WOS Radio.  The tracks "Let Love Carry Us" and "You Make Me Smile" from Jenny's upcoming Card House Skyscrapers EP debuted on WOS Radio. "Let Love Carry US" was #2 in the the WOS Radio Indie Top 10 for March 2014. Jenny's cover songs have also showcased in multiple WOS Radio cover series and her songs have been including in the Indie Top 20 of 2014 and Indie Top 20 of 2015 WOS Radio Podcasts. Though much of her music is released independently, Jenny's music is also represented by several music publishers and Film & TV music libraries including Perpetual Music Group, Mediterranean Sun and Music A&R Blvd.

Jenny strives to create music that restores dignity to the one who once cared for her. This music is her snow, her hope to blanket some of the disease’s ugliness, if only for a moment.

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WOS Radio Indie Top 20 Archive

Silent Night Acoustic is a part of the Holiday music line-up on iTunes Women of Substance Music Podcast #1193 and is also included in the 2020 Holiday WOS Spotify Playlist.

Let Love In aired on the WOS Podcast #1145 on iTunes and WOSPodcast. Meant for More will be a part of the upcoming Women of Substance Radio Music with a Conscience Series Podcast #1167.

Enjoy the WOS Holiday Music Podcast series. Jenny's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is available now on iTunes WOS Holiday podcast#1022 and Silent Night Acoustic is included in WOS Holiday Podcast #1032. Both songs are currently included in the 2019 WOS Holiday Playlist on Spotify.

Jenny's new single Meant for More is now available on Apple Music and iTunes as a part of  WOS Radio Music with a Conscience Series  Fall 2019 podcast # 1005.

Her Silent Night (Acoustic) cover is on Women of Substance Radio Podcast 895Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is included in the WOS Holiday lineup and WOS Holiday Podcast 884.

WOS Radio aired Let Love Carry Us in September as a part of their Music with a Conscience series iTunes podcast 857.

Jenny's Silent Night (Acoustic) aired on Playlist 4 of the  WOAFM99 Christmas Playlist. WOS Radio debuted Jenny's cover of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas was included in WOS Radio Holiday Podcast 718 and Silent Night was included in  Wos Radio Holiday Podcast 725available on iTunes. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, cd Baby & Spotify.

Jenny's covers of Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue and Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters aired in October during the WOS Radio's 70's Cover Series. Love Me Tender aired during the October  WOS Radio's 50's & 60's Cover Series.You Make Me Smile debuted on WOS Radio on the WOS Radio New Music Show in September.  Angel aired on WOS Radio this September as a part of the Fall WOS Covers series

Let Love In aired on WOS radio in March and on the free WOS Radio iTunes Podcast #619.   Let Love Carry Us  is available on the free iTunes Women of Substance Radio Podcast #559.

Thanks to those fans that voted Jenny Van Alstyne's cover of "Love Me Tender" into WOS Radio's Top 20 Of 2015. The free WOS podcast is available on iTunes

Jenny was pleased to be a part of the 2015 WOS Radio Holiday Line Up! Her acoustic rendition of Silent Night made the WOS Indie Top for December 2015.

Jenny Van Alstyne's music was included in the 2015 Women of Substance Radio's We've Got It Covered series. Thanks to the fans that voted "Love Me Tender" into the WOS Radio Top 20 for the month of November and  "Time After Time" "Love Me Tender" and "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" into the WOS Top 20 for the month of October. Jenny's covers of "Angel" and "Time After Time" secured the #2 and #4 spots in the WOS Radio Indie Top 20 for September

The light-hearted infectious "Let Love In" debuted on WOS Radio on April 6th as a part of the WOS Radio New Music Show. This song is available on this website, CD Baby and on the WOS Radio iTunes Podcast #110. This song was voted as part of WOS Radio's Indie Top 20 for April 2015.

Jenny Van Alstyne's acoustic cover of "Love Me Tender" is  #13 of  Women of Substance Radio Indie Top 20 of 2014 Podcast. The #1 New & Noteworthy Women of Substance Music Podcast will be featuring the Top 20 Songs by independent artists played on WOS radio during 2014! The 100th Podcast is available on iTunes!

Jenny Van Alstyne received spins in the  WOS 2014  "We've Got It Covered Series" with four cover songs placing in the WOS Radio Indie Top 20 with Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue at #4, Time After Time at #5, Love Me Tender at #7 and Angel at #11.

WOS Radio debuted the tracks "Let Love Carry Us" and  "You Make Me Smile" from Jenny's upcoming Card House Skyscrapers EP. "Let Love Carry Us" debuted as #2 in the Top Ten on WOS Radio during the month of March. Let Love Carry Us" is available on iTunes and CD Baby!

Jenny was thrilled to be part of the 2013 Holiday line up at WOS Radio and Live 365 Network! Jenny's "Silent Night - Acoustic" cover is available on iTunes, Amazon & CD Baby!!